Sunday, May 24, 2009

Siding Progress!!!

We have been consistently been working on the siding the last few weekends. It has seemed to take forever. I hope we are able to finish the job this year. It's a little iffy though. We have worked on this south side for three weeks straight and it still isn't finished Not even close. This side already had insulation in the walls too. Oh well. I try to consul myself and say that whatever we get done this year is less that we have to do next year. But I really don't want to have a half complete siding job for the winter.

One of the problems that is holding us up is the rain and heat. It seems that if it isn't pouring down rain, it's super hot. This is the reason that I wanted to start around the end of March. Not the middle of May. If we would have started when I wanted to, we might be on to the next side of the house. The good news is that Dan and I both still have 2 weeks of vacation left this year. So I hope to use it sparingly until the begining of fall. Then it's desperation time.


us said...

Oh boy - we have this exact same thing to look forward to.
Course, approximately zero of our rooms were already insulated!
Good luck! Stay strong:)

Unknown said...

Metal roofs are no doubt much more preferable than other materials.
I personally love metal roofs too.