Friday, May 28, 2010

New Floors

A few weeks ago I ordered the cheapest flooring that I could find. Which was 5" white pine. This seemed to be fairly historically accurate for my old house so I bought it (the wood on our staircase landing is 5" wide pine). The price was .99/sq ft. I bought it from lumber liquidators so I was able to have shipped for free. This also saved me a day of vacation since I could pick it up on the weekend vs staying at home and waiting for the delivery truck.

Anyway we ripped out the carpet and discovered that we already had 5" pine floors. We tried to investigate what the floors were underneath the carpet but all we saw was plywood which had been used as a small ramp. At first I was furious but after we thoroughly investigated the floors we decided that they probably couldn't have been salvaged.

So then we laid the floors and performed all the tedious work of sanding and staining. Now we have beautiful dark wood floors. I love them.

I still need to do a light sanding and another layer or two of poly

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer Fun

Well I am done with winter and I am ready to get going on the house again. I have finished the floors in our living room (picture) and have decided that I will install new "matching" floors in our bedrooms this morning. I am going to get the cheapest 1-1/2" flooring from Hurst Hardwoods. I believe it should be cheaper than installing carpet. yippee...
We have some major landscaping to do this summer. But I can't afford to buy nice plants so I have been trying to find seeds for everything I want to grow. It's been so so, but I have only spent about 20 bucks.