Sunday, May 3, 2009

April has been a very busy month. I have been working super hard on the dining room trim and I can officially call it done. I had stripped, sanded and stained all of it. I have finished touching up the paint. I took a picture with my phone of the final product. I'll take more pictures later on.

My dining room is currently filled to the brim with living room furniture because I am currently working on the trim in there and I painted the ceiling this weekend.

Oh Dan and I stumbled across a awesome find last weekend. We had found the old parlor doors in the walls last year but only one of them still had the rollers. I had been looking around on the internet trying to find replacements or instructions on how to use modern hardware. I found one place to get replacements but they were 200-250 per pair and they weren't quite the same. Well last weekend we went to the preservation station and the first thing we saw were 2 sets of the pocket door rollers. They are not exactly like what we had found in our wall but they looked like they would work and they were only 20/pair.

Next weekend I plan to continue working on the staircase and living room trim. If the weather is nice I will stain the fence. I have been pushing off staining the fence because I really need to start building my tan for the summer so I have been waiting until it is warm enough to wear tank tops and shorts outside.

Since now I have officially started the home improvement again for the summer, plan to see updates weekly.

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