Friday, January 8, 2010

Planning for next year

I have had a busy few weeks trying to restore our hardwood floor and the large moldings in the living room. Below is the checklist that I have used in the past of items that need to be done - updated

Paint all doors - One done - many left to do
Repaint main bathroom, I dislike the color I originally painted it-Whole bathroom needs redo
Install tile floors in main bathroom - see above
Install new toilet in bathroom
Finish rehabilitating the original molding of the living and dining room - Entry area still needs to be done
Finish the staircase - Half done
Replace upstairs windows - Done
Refinish downstairs hardwood floors - Half done
Move cold air return so that the original pocket doors can be installed - Done
Replace downstairs windows - Done
Get new sliding - Done
patio door for the kitchen- not going to do
Paint dining room - Done

I will update my progess on my floor and trim at a later date.