Friday, June 13, 2008

Kitchen update

This last weekend me and dan ordered our kitchen countertops. They cost about 925ish. I am also going to order my tin backsplash soon. Maybe this weekend. The cost per one tile is 6.25 unpainted. it's 4 dollars to have each panel painted. I think I can do that myself. In total we will be spending about 1050 for new countertops and new backsplash. I still need to buy hardware for the cabinets and also new supports for bar. I think our kitchen update is in total going to cost around 2 grand.


Amalie said...

We did the tin backsplash and painted them ourselves-- I saw your pics on the next post and your kitchen is beautiful. I don't think I'll ever be happy with ours until I can reface the cabinets. They are the ultimate sore spot, though we have a long, long way to go yet. We just keep making little lurches in progress! Maybe once everything is done, the cabinets will be tolerable...Anyway, yours is gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

We got lucky. It seems like the only place the previous owners spent any money were on the cabinets. My guess is they ran out of money when it came to countertop time. I love your exterior and your floors. They turned out gorgeous. I had plan to redo the floors this spring but they are currently on the backburner.