Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ahh...The house really doesn't look that bad from a decent distance away

Anway here is a list of things that need to be done in the order that we plan to do them

  1. Replace kitchen countertops.
  2. Add pressed tin backsplash
  3. Stain front deck
  4. Repaint main bathroom, I dislike the color I originally painted it
  5. Install tile floors in main bathroom
  6. Install new toilet in bathroom
  7. Finish rehabilitating the original molding of the living and dining room
  8. Finish the staircase
  9. Replace upstairs windows
  10. Refinish downstairs hardwood floors
  11. Move cold air return so that the original pocket doors can be installed
  12. Replace downstairs windows
  13. Get new sliding patio door for the kitchen
  14. Paint dining room
  15. Get new siding

Oh God we are never going to be finished.

We do however plan to do items 1-6 this summer. Lucky us


Robert said...

so far it looks great. Do remove that awful aluminum siding. Oftentimes the wood underneith is good. I stripped (with a heat gun) a 1930 dutch colonial down to bare wood. Seven years later the paint still looks great. Onl paint didnt move with the wood and thats why it failed and people aluminum sided their homes. Nowadays latex paint is very good and it expands and contracts with the wood and so doesnt peel. I used Behr primer and paint from Home Depot. It is excellent quality. PS sell the aliminim siding to a scrap dealer. At todays metal prices it will pay for the paint.

Sarah said...

I was hoping to replace the siding this summer and also insulate the whole house but I had too many other expensive projects