Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Post

My boyfriend and I bought a 1900 Bungalow in Iowa last spring. We have done alot of work to it so far and we still have alot to do

Here is what we have done so far and the cost associated
  • Replaced AC and heating unit with high efficieny models ~$6500
  • Replace old or nonexsistant dishwasher and stove with new stainless steel models ~$1000
  • Installed in main bathroom a new vanity, mirror and shower head ~ $500
  • Installed new toilet in half bath ~$100
  • Replaced 2 new garage door openers in garage ~ $250
  • Replaced garbage disposal ~$100
  • Ripped up carpet covering stairwell and stripped stairs of varnish ~$200
  • Added new light fixtures to stairwell ~ $200
  • Laid vinyl tile in kitchen ~ $400
  • Used fancy high end molding to replace the cheap molding in kitchen ~ $300
  • Started to refinish original molding in living room and dining room ~ $50
  • Removed rotted tree trunk and relandscaped front and side yard ~ $500
  • Replace crappy ceiling fan in main bedroom ~ $120
  • Painted almost every room in the house ~ $300

If I can think of more things we have done I'll add to it.

Considering we have only own the house for 15 months I believe that we have done a good job.

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