Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Insulation is done

Well it is done for the front side of the house. Lowes' blower is much messier than Menards but it is sooooo much easier to rent. Cheaper as well. So this last weekend we prepared the house to have it's insulation blown in. Sunday morning we were ready so we drove to Lowes to pick up stuff around 11. Therefore we didn't get started until after lunch. I had to go horseback riding at 2 so all we did was plug up the hoses before I left. I didn't get back until after dinner. We kinda sorta knew what we we doing and we got one wall done. Then on Monday we pushed to finish the rest before bed time. Lowes accidently only charged us 10% of the cost of the insulation instead of giving us the 10% discount. They also did not charge us for renting the machine. Therefore we were able to insulate the front side of the house for about $8 plus gas and electricity.

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