Sunday, July 6, 2008

List Update

So we have finished items 1-3 on our previous list

Here is the remaining. I have added one to the front though. I hope by the beginning of September to have 1-4 done.

  1. Paint all doors
  2. Repaint main bathroom, I dislike the color I originally painted it
  3. Install tile floors in main bathroom
  4. Install new toilet in bathroom
  5. Finish rehabilitating the original molding of the living and dining room
  6. Finish the staircase
  7. Replace upstairs windows
  8. Refinish downstairs hardwood floors
  9. Move cold air return so that the original pocket doors can be installed
  10. Replace downstairs windows
  11. Get new sliding patio door for the kitchen
  12. Paint dining room
  13. Get new siding

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